Cross Border Funds Collection for online sellers

GoAllPay is official payment partner of Wish.GoAllPay provides cross-border payment service to Wish sellers, since October 2017,we have continued to provide payment services for over ten thousands of sellers.If you have a demand for Wish collection, you can move to the Wish merchant platform( and select AllPay direct payment.

Payment Scenarios

Cross-border ecommerce sellers, include Chinese and other countries sellers globally.

Service Platform

Sellers can select GoAllPay collections directly on the Wish platform.

Registration Process

Sellers can select GoAllPay direct collection on the Wish merchant platform and submit the review materials required by Wish. After approval, collection can be realized.

B2B Cross Border Payment

During the global operation, different platforms or key enterprises are facing payment demands to suppliers and vendors. GoAllPay has a powerful B2B payment network to support such payment requirements effectively with lower cost.

Payment Scenarios

Funds pay-out for B2B or B2C business, as ecommerce platform, OTA, online training or other service.

Service Platform

GoAllPay pay-out service covers over 71 countries and regions with more than 30 major global transaction currencies.

Registration Process

International trade contract, import/ export documents or transaction details and other KYC information may be needed during cooperation.

Our Advantage

Secure, in compliance

MSO licensed, PCI compliance

Easy and Convenient

Friendly customer experience

Lower Cost

Competitive fees and open exchange rates

Fast and Efficient

Withdrawal time up to hours, successful rate over 99.99%

Global Accounts

Chinese bank accounts and overseas bank accounts

Quality Service

7*24 hours customer service